How to Measure Your Bra Size

Every mom's breasts react differently to pregnancy and lactation. Some moms experience no changes in their cup sizes while others grow 3-4 cup sizes. We at Bosom Buds have put together a general guide to make the purchasing of your maternity bra less confusing.

Purchase your nursing bra at least 8 months into your pregnancy. The size of your breasts at this time should be as close to what size they'll be 2 months post-partum. 3 months after giving birth, your milk supply should be somewhat regular. This would be a good time to measure yourself again to see if you need to change your bras to accommodate size changes. When purchasing your Bosom Buds, make sure to check on the sizing of each bra.

Steps to the right fit:

1. Measure your band size by getting the measurement of your underbust (under your breasts, where the bra band sits). Round off the measurement to the nearest whole number.
  • If the number is even, add 4 (four) inches. If you measured 32 inches, your band size is 36.
  • If the number is odd, add 5 (five) inches. If you measured 33 inches, your band size is 38.
Under Bust Measurement

2. Measure the fullest part of your bust (at nipple level) while wearing a well-fitted, non-padded bra. Round off to the nearest whole number.

Measure your bra size

3. Calculate your cup size by getting the difference of your band measurement (Step 1) and bust measurement (Step 2). Refer to the table below to get your cup size.
  • 38 in (band measurement) - 36 in (bust measurement) = 2 in
  • Your cup size is B. Your bra size is 38B.
 Difference (in inches) 1 2 3 4 5
Cup Size A B C D E
Refer to the this bra size when choosing your Bosom Buds nursing bra.

Moms are amazing creatures! We are able to provide nutrition to our little ones while still going about our day, that's why we made sure to have a variety of styles to suit every moment. Look through our catalog and find the right one/s for you.